CloneBD Discussion Thread 2017-01-20
Added grace period until end of February 2017 for expired licenses
New: support forced subtitles
Fix: Intel QuickSync encoder aspect ratio
Fix: debug output from nVidia acceleration could cause abort
Fix: undesired seek to end of clip during transcoding could skip clips
Fix: UI adjusted to work better with high DPI displays (Windows scaling factor up to apx. 150%, in case anyone is using higher factors, please let us know and send screenshots showing incorrect display)
Fix: memory problem triggered by AnyDVD’s Cinavia removal - caused application to crash
Fix: occasional defective playlist when creating partial copies (player would remain in menu)
Fix: Dolby True HD bug with older discs
Change: MP4 metadata is now UTF8
Change: default MKV audio or subtitle track can now be chosen by track number instead of just the language - if only one title is being converted.
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages

oh man… :sad: