CloneBD Discussion Thread


#1 2016-12-12

  • Fix: Intel VC-1 decoder didn’t handle repeat frames correcty
  • New: add additional tool-tip width video info for titles (fps, codec details)
  • Fix: clear subtitles when seeking or switching languages in preview player
  • Fix: problems with inverse telecine (mostly 480p)
  • Change: multiple instances of CloneBD now only block usage of an already opened drive, if it is a “slow drive” (e.g. actual disc drive, not Virtual Clone Drive)
  • Change: suppress Cinavia detection when preview player is running full-screen
  • Fix: transcode aborted when audio was delayed too much
  • Improved: Ensure seek time lies within intime/outtime of a clip
  • Fix: (regression) previous version would ignore the lossless setting, if hw acceleration was selected
  • Fix: occasional on-exit crash during cleanup
  • Fix: memory leak in AMD decoder
  • minor fixes and improvements
  • updated languages

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Thanks for the Link Alan


man missed this all because of Pokemon on my 3DS XL… lol… :sad: