CloneBD Discussion Thread


#1 2016-11-22
New: add support for hardware acceleration (nVidia CUDA, AMD UVD/VCE and Intel QuickSync). Note: Intel acceleration requires Windows 8.1 or higher
New: add CUDA acceleration for HEVC (for nVidia adapters, that support hw HEVC)
New: added quality vs. speed setting for encoders
New: warn, before converting titles, where no audio track was selected
New: log now correctly detects Windows version 10
New: added log information
New: added extensive system information to log file (CPU type, installed graphics adapters)
Change: log file extension defaults to .cbdlog now (still can be renamed to .zip, but this ending allows us to easily open with specialized tools)
Improved: detailed stream information on selection page
Improved: MKV tags for 3D sbs/tab
Workaround: autodetected and disable orphaned audio streams, that are not present in the actual movie
Workaround: limit processor cores for HEVC decoder, as it appears to malfunction with more than 16 cores
Fix: Top/Bottom Stereoscopic MKV DisplayWidth Tag
Fix: unusual PTS intime of 500ms seen on one disc caused abort
Fix: regression problem, resulting file sizes were not dividable by 6144 (some players refuse to play such files)
Fix: DTS/PTS ordering was incorrect
Fix: single frame clips with audio had differing PTS and wouldn’t play on all players
Fix: 3D Lipsync when clippin/trimming is used
Fix: workaround for playlists with trailing micro-clips without audio
Fix: fatal crash when uncompressed copies encounter PMTs using TS-adaptation
Fix: better workaround for playlists with trailing micro-clips without audio
Fix: bogus audio tracks / workaround
Fix: nVidia acceleration transitioning through alternating VC-1 and AVC streams
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


ugh… missed again… lol… :sad: