CloneBD BETA Discussion Thread 2016-11-15 [beta]

  • New: add support for hardware acceleration (nVidia CUDA, AMD UVD/VCE and Intel QuickSync)
    note: Intel acceleration requires Windows 8.1 or higher
  • New: added quality vs. speed setting for encoders
  • New: warn, before converting titles, where no audio track was selected
  • Improved: detailed stream information on selection page
  • Workaround: autodetected and disable orphaned audio streams, that are not present in the actual movie
  • Fix: Top/Bottom Stereoscopic MKV DisplayWidth Tag
  • Fix: unusual PTS intime of 500ms seen on one disc caused abort
  • Fix: regression problem, resulting file sizes were not dividable by 6144 (some players refuse to play such files)
  • Fix: DTS/PTS ordering was incorrect
  • Fix: single frame clips with audio had differing PTS and wouldn’t play on all players
  • Fix: 3D Lipsync when clippin/trimming is used
  • Fix: workaround for playlists with trailing micro-clips without audio
  • Fix: fatal crash when uncompressed copies encounter PMTs using TS-adaptation
  • minor fixes and improvements
  • updated languages


Note: this version is mainly meant for gathering results with the new hardware acceleration feature.
Some noteworthy items:
Intel hw acceleration is currently only available for Windows 8.1 or higher (nVidia and AMD support should work fine under Windows 7)
AMD transcoding is believedhave some room for speed improvement, there are some unsolved problems with the pipeline, that impede performance.
as long as hw acceleration is in experimental stage, it is possible (but not recommended) to mix decoding and encoding engines (e.g. Intel acceleration for decoding and nVidia for encoding, or no acceleration at all for either decoding or encoding).
This is a troubleshooting aid, in case there are problems.
The best performance is achieved by activating the same acceleration hardware for both decoding and transcoding (otherwise, the image data needs to be constantly transferred from one GPU through system memory to the other, which is costly).
Other than that - enjoy! :slight_smile:

But I don’t have a AACS 2.0 drive yet … :sad:

This be interesting to see how Nvidia Cuda works.

Thank you Alan.:slight_smile: