CloneBD discussion thread


#1 2016-06-15

new: MKV - supports setting default audio/subtitle track for playback
new: option to encode to DTS in disc mode
new: improved ordering: optionally show selected titles before unselected ones on selection page
new: display media time during processing
new: add DTS audio downconvert option to BD copy.
fix: option to reorder titles in BDMV menu was sometimes not shown or was shown, even when only one title was converted.
fix: coloring of popup menu in title strips (was difficult to read)
fix: UI wouldn't remember preferred setting "video lossless" in file mode after exiting the application.
fix: occasional endless loop/hang when generating snapshots for "The Peanuts" UK version.
fix: LPCM audio was not transcoded correctly
fix: LPCM audio downconvert to AC3 did not work with PDVD
fix: AC-3 audio (some rare variants with bsid of 6)
fix: AAC audio did not work for 3.1 and 4.1
fix: more meta data fixes in MP4 files
fix: crash on some BDs that have broken AVC filler data
fix: out of memory when audio is multiplexed too far behind video
fix: more VC-1 decoder errors
fix: AVC NALU packing
fix: transcoding of BDs created with an old version of CloneBD
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


Thanks for the Link [U]whatever gong82[/U]


And I just got done making a new backup last night. Wished I seen this sooner but I make a new image just for that.