CloneBD discussion thread 2016-05-27

new: allow ordering and renaming titles/episodes for HDMV disc menu with partial copies.
change: improved memory consumption
change: support for AVX-512 added
change: faster AVC encoding
change: improved meta data in MOV/MP4 files
fix: MPEG-2 streams without GOP
fix: MPEG-2 broken display extension on some Japanese BD recorders
fix: VC-1 decoder crash with 60p frame rate
fix: VC-1 decoder crash without breakpoints/GOP
fix: VC-1 lossless video
fix: MPEG-4 AVC filler data with mixed 0xFF/0x00 bytes
fix: CPU crash when BMI instruction set was not supported
fix: more LPCM format changes
fix: support for Blu-ray titles that contain ‘/’ character
fix: support for Blu-ray that have literally all PSI table checksums failing (broken algo?)
fix: PGS decoder crash when data is corrupt
fix: PGS decoder crash when image data is outside target window
fix: side effect caused transcoding slowdown, should be fast again
fix: seeking issue in preview player with multi-angle playlists
fix: write iTunes Meta-Data atom
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages

Thanks for the Link [U]whatever gong82[/U]