CloneBD Beta Discussion Thread


#1 BETA 2016-03-18
new: 3D support for pure 3D bluray discs (non-ssif)
new: improved 3D support, faster transcoding
new: hardware decoding of MVC streams [when available on iCore GPU]
change: don’t allow selection lossless video, when choosing side-by-side 3D output.
change: tagging of 3D side-by-side in matroska (.mkv)
change: handles of more 3D extensions in AVC/MVC
change: faster snapshot generation
fix: progress bar properly set to length of SSIF file (3D content)
fix: don’t check temporary path if it is not required (directly burn ISO/disc w/o transcoding)
fix: detect 3D source with reversed right and left eye view (mostly Fox discs)
fix: don’t allow folder/file names with trailing dots, the Windows file system does not fully support this
fix: 3D -> 2D MKV conversion caused a stretched aspect ratio
fix: some preview snapshots on Avatar 3D weren’t retrieved to do timestamps outside the window
fix: audio/video synchronization issues with 3D
fix: audio playback issues
fix: early transcoding termination without error report
fix: multiple freezes with transcoding
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


Thanks for the Link Alan


So is the license beta over yet or what is the story on this part? Glad to be still LTL holder helps in updates…