CloneBD Discussion Thread


#1 2015-12-10
new: added support for MPEG-4/AVC “PAL” frame rate
new: added support for MPEG-4/AVC “PAL” 4:3 aspect ratio
new: added support for MPEG-4/AVC recorded by Japanese BD recorders
new: added super-large LPCM frame support (192 kHz, 24 bit, 7.1)
change: improved behavior selecting the largest clip to determine appropriate bitrate when creating single-file output with multi clip movies
change: add immediate error message on read errors
change: DTS conversion finalized
appropriate bit rates added
fix: problems reading files from disc with non-ascii characters (unicode) in the filename
fix: settings dialog was too small on windows systems with oversized fonts (>130%)
fix: support weak GPU that do not support 1920x1080 surfaces
fix: invalid user data in MPEG-2 streams
fix: crashes when transcoding MPEG-2 streams
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


Thank you Alan.

Mr. Bill :cool:


I really thought they would have the 3d disc ready for this update, maybe the next one.


wow…that’s alot…of updates. Makes me want to re-image my system with newer CloneBD.