CloneBD Discussion Thread


#1 2015-10-30
new: add popup menu to partial BD copies, allowing to select audio and subtitle languages
new: add support for PAL encoded AVC streams on BD [first BD ever found; MILLENIUM EXTENDED NL] (closes #5183)
new: support for lossless MLP/TrueHD streams in .mkv/.mp4
new: support for lossless LPCM streams in .mkv/.mp4
fix: fxed MPEG-2 stream, video must not use global headers
fix: frame loss fixed when using AAC encoder
fix: discard audio frames in external containers when transferring lossless
fix: compensate audio when using original video
fix: ensure muxed IG streams (like AnyDVD speedmenu) are preserved
fix: rogue subtitle at end of .mkv that increases stream duration
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


Thanks for the Link Alan