CloneBD Discussion Thread


#1 2015-10-22
new: a debug log window can be opened through settings
new: ensure that user doesn’t select the source path as destination path
new: added button to reset temporary folder (to default windows TEMP folder)
change: remember preferred audio/subtitle language for partial BD copies
change: improved estimater adds required header and TS overhead to downconverted audio for more accurate output size estimation
change: when overwriting an existing folder, delete existing contents of the BDMV sub-folder first
change: colorized sub-folders of destination/temporary path on target page to improve comprehensibility
fix: remove dll dependency on dbghelp
fix: clip entry marks to match clip intime
fix: compatibility issues with Windows XP, Windows Vista
fix: BD video encoder fixed. BDs didn’t play on some Panasonic players.
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


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