CloneBD Discussion Thread


#1 2015-10-15 (beta)
new: added support for HEVC in .mp4 (VLC plays mp4/HEVC > ver 2.2.0)
new: HEVC support for Windows 32 bit (ver was Win x64 only)
new: size slider on output page reflects good/bad quality depending on output size and codec (note that “quality” remains a subjective measure, this is merely an aid)
new: display encoding bit rate on progress page
change: removal of obsolete DLL libraries
change: disable preview image during burning
change: updated estimated encoding time to better represent faster engine and consider HEVC
fix: bert’s warning messages sometimes were not shown again, if shown earlier.
fix: fixed behavior of “select all” checkbox in subtitle preferences on selection page
fix: MPEG-2 profile in files
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


And just finished last night with Windows update and slysoft update image… ughhh…
Took me some looking at the screen to find the disable preview. I think disabling it helps to improve the process.