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CloneBD 2015-06-14
new: bt709, smpte170m color space definitions are now used/kept during transcoding
new: AVC High@High for Xbox One, PS4
new: better ATOM layout in .mp4 (allows 3rd party tools to better change “ID3”-tags)
new: modifyable YUV color table for subtitles in .mkv
change: AC3 encoder using float (not int)
change: memory usage reduced by 150 MB when using AVC encoder
changed: AVC now encoded as “zero-latency” on chapter marks
change: assert handling in libx264 which deadlocks drone processes
change: AAC encoder uses better encoding settings
change: color space of video (when set) is also set in AVC
change: AC-3 encoder now sets core attributes correctly
fix: more assertions in libx264
fix: bitstream encoder used signed-shifting
fix: high-frequency (VQ) decoding was broken in DTS, creating “noise”
fix: various fixes for playback on PS4 (according to Sony Recommendation Gibberish)
fix: playback issues with encoded AVC on Xbox One
fix: playback issues with lossless AVC on Xbox One
fix: .mp4 not seekable on PS4
fix: .mp4 not showing chapters, title on PS4
fix: .mp4 playback issues on PS4
fix: .mp4 playback issues on Xbox One (reduced macroblock complexity)
fix: avoid negative DTS/PTS delta when using 2-B frames
fix: VC-1 interlaced decoding
fix: AVC interlaced decoding (PAFF/MBAFF)
fix: “jump to main title directly” option was broken after “keep original menu” option was added.
workaround: omit clips with non-matching stream types when creating device/file output.
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


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