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[li]improved: error descriptions more verbose[/li][li]change: focus on completion page. Should fix the issue causing the Alt-key sometimes not to reveal the log buttons.[/li][li]fix: disc title would not show on certain sources, when opened from HDD[/li][li]fix: Dolby Atmos (TrueHD) estimation causing oversize.[/li][li]fix: resuming after pausing sometimes wouldn’t resume the clock (remaining/elapsed time)[/li][li]fix: preview while transcoding without compression was broken.[/li][li]fix: preselecting 50GB BD-R could result in slight compression, even if not required.[/li][li]minor fixes and improvements[/li][li]updated languages[/li][/ul]


Thanks for the Link coolcolors


Thanks coolcolors. :flower:



coolcolors, thanks for the link.

I’m glad that we have options now to get rid of the Cinavia “protection” from the Sony/MPAA/Blu-ray people.