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CloneBD 2015-04-15
improved: rate plotter
improved: remaining time prediction
improved: added overhead data to estimation when doing complete copies (in some cases JAR folders are enormous)
change: make slider automatically adjust to disc size on target page, if destination drive is not the same as source drive.
change: timeout estimator bar in case a packet could not be retrieved (otherwise Go-button would remain disabled)
fix: when burning multiple discs in a row, read/write error counts were not reset.
fix: uncompressed copies had a tendency to overshoot estimated output size. Now estimating video bitrate less conservatively.
fix: trim paths entered by user, to remove trailing spaces.
fix: “Go” button sometimes did not refresh correctly, when state changes from disabled to enabled (would appear disabled, until hovered with mouse)
fix: burner logging crashed and required overly huge memory blocks
minor fixes and improvements
updated languages


This is a massive update.


Thank you Alan, Big Grin;)


Hopefully this fixed my most recent log errors I sent in.


[QUOTE=ILLP;2752201]Thank you Alan, Big Grin;)[/QUOTE] You are very welcome ILLP, Big Grin;)


Next update should be here in a few days. :smiley: