CloneBD Discussion Thread



CloneBD 2015-04-10

[li]new: display estimated uncompressed output size on selection page, when creating partial BD copies. [#656][/li][li]new: add burner log to CloneBD log file to further study spurious write errors on BD-Rs[/li][li]change: improved secondary video size estimation[/li][li]change: improved drop clips with differing streams/missing audio on MKV/MP4 encode [#3287][/li][li]change: copy instead of compress secondary video[/li][li]change: size units for KB, MB, GB, TB have been changed from IEC “binary representation” (1024^x) to SI (decimal) representation (1000^x) to better match the sizes of storage media and for less confusion. If IEC values are to be displayed, they will be denoted with KiB, MiB, GiB, … respectively.[/li][li]change: ensure user can’t manually specify a non-empty temp path, as this can cause the result to be too large for the blank disc (append a postfix, if nonempty temp was specified) [#3346][/li][li]change: log actual sectors when encountering read errors[/li][li]fix: skip unsupported CC in MPEG-2 [#2104][/li][li]fix: support for very chatty x264 encoder used on some BDs[/li][li]minor fixes and improvements[/li][li]updated languages[/li][/ul]


Thank you Alan downloading now some nice chages made, excellent progress !!


Chatty X264 encoder? :slight_smile: That’s an interesting fix.