CloneBD 2015-03-11 Discussion thread


#1 2015-03-11

[ul] fix: crash when creating log file after source disc was removed.
fix: audio delay with some streams (too much audio, or audio behind video)
fix: Burner SDK bug writing sectors twice, then aborting with ERROR 4
fix: audio sync issues (file output)
fix: audio sync issues on some streams
fix: selection panel sometimes did not honor the “single subtitle” flag in presets.
fix: processing of very large SEI in AVC (x264 encoding settings go on forever)
fix: allow more frame extensions (increased to 64 sub-frames)
fix: handling of AC-3 descriptors that are incorrectly used on BD following DVB spec
some minor fixes and improvements
updated languages



Program is coming together very nicely.:wink:


I hope that is the case…going to download again and reimage and try again with my BD Iso again…Failures is getting to me nowdays…also those error logs I sent in but I got no reply back that they were resolved or fixed…so kinda weary nowdays…



Bad news…didn’t complete…the burn process…another BD wasted…

Generated log and sent the log in…

Here’s what I don’t get what is IMGBurn doing right that it will burn a BD Anime ISO but CloneBD can’t do??? It mounts and plays find and when burn from IMGburn that plays just like the Original.