CloneBD Discussion Thread



CloneBD 2015-02-26

[li]new: added new sound files[/li][li]new: added sound when CloneBD requests to swap the medium for burning[/li][li]new: limit burn speed to 6x, because supported speeds reported by the drive are sometimes far higher than possible. Can be switched off in settings (use with caution! Too high speeds can result in write errors)[/li][li]change: when source medium gets removed (e.g. for inserting a recordable disc for writing), hide navigation buttons “input” and “selection”.[/li][li]fix: potential problem when removing subpath streams from playlists[/li][li]fix: when source and destination drive are the same, disc title and disc thumbnail weren’t shown on completion page[/li][li]fix: log file was missing line breaks, when unicode characters were logged.[/li][li]fix: crash when the drive is removed due to read errors[/li][li]fix: with single file creation, a change of the destination path sometimes got ignored. [#2602][/li][li]fix: audio removal at beginning of stream [#2645 #2625][/li][li]fix: prevent a possible late registration of audio streams[/li][li]fix: verify against invalid stream context[/li][li]fix: verify against out-of-memory allocations[/li][li]fix: transcoding startup issues on some older CPU[/li][li]fix: transfer unknown audio packets when filtering[/li][li]some minor fixes and improvements[/li][li]updated languages[/li][/ul]


Wonder if this will fix my problems??? I know with my menu vanished and after reboot with it no longer finished causing 98% error encoding.


Got email saying in they supposedly fixed the problem and will try again later here to test it.