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"CloneBD 2015-02-13
new: added profiles for MKV lossless audio and core audio
new: additional log entries for inserted media type (burn) and unselected streams
new: better support for iPhone 6
change: data rate graph left aligned to touch the y-axis
change: allow formatting of BD-RE discs without spare areas to improve writing speed.
fix: remaining time display was incorrect for discs with heavily varying data rate
fix: burn speed display halted after a while
fix: division by zero when maximum burn speed applied
fix: some parser errors in screen-pass disks
fix: some crashes in LibAV
some minor fixes and improvements
updated languages"

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Thank you Zebadee for the update.:slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
Some improvement.
Actually completed Avatar. :clap:


Well tried to use it to burn a Anime ISO image and it failed at 90% completion did a error log and submitted to elby to fix the problem. And I thought would work…but guess it still has some problems. And just to note I used IMGBurn to burn the ISO to BD media and play both of them and they worked just like the original BD movie. So looks like for now til they fix CloneBD we have to use IMGBurn to burn back the BD movie ISO to BD media. :a