Can somebody email me this program or tell me where to download it from? Thanks (via Downloads, search for ‘cloneamp’).

I tried that link several times but was getting “page cannot be displayed”. I kept trying and finally got the program. Thanks.

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No problem :slight_smile:

Clone AMP no longer works. It seems the developer used unregistered software to create it. Has anyone else received the same message when executing it. Try executing it and see what you get.

you can change your clock to around december 1st and clone amp is re enabled.

CloneAmp is not very good. There’s a much easier way. Go to your Control Panel>Regional Settings. Change your place to somewhere other than United States or Japan. If you live in America, the easiest is to change it to Canada. Programs run the same, everything works. But…now you can use Amplify Weak Sectors and Hide CDR Media!

I tried so hard…And got so far…But in the end…It doesn’t even matter…I had to fall…To lose it all…But in the end…It doesn’t even matter