Clone2 and anydvd

Dewman, RitekF1 isn’t the best, and you’re really gambling with your data/movies/whatever you burn to it, as really anything Ritek is subject to high quality variations, and things like RitekG05’s (8x DVD-R) are subject to rapid degradation, where the data becomes unreadable in as little to 2 weeks to less than 1 year (my experience). Also, Ritek has been widely documented to ‘farm out’ it’s production to so many third parties, and it basically has little Q/A, so you’d have better luck at playing Russian roulette than using Ritek DVD media. (The only thing Ritek that seems fairly reliable is their CD-R media.) Even supposing you get a good batch of Ritek (highly unlikely), the burn results/error rates are average at best, when compared to using TY or MCC medias. Also, if you use TY/MCC media, longevity is not an issue, whereas with Ritek you can never be sure when or if it will fail. I know; I’m still retesting RitekG05’s I burned, and 50% showed high degradation from 2 weeks-6 months and all those were reburned to TY media.