Clone2 and anydvd

hello i’m new to this dvd burning and copying maybe someone can help me out
i bought the bundle programs clone2 and anydvd but seem to have problems doing the copy at times. i get a media error when going to copy to blank dvd-r
why is this happening to me ? it shows the orignal being first copyed to temp files in clone. but when it is done and i;m to load a blank recordable meda dvd it starts then says time that remains then i get error saying bad media?
is it the dvd-r kind of disc i’m using that causes this or a setting maybe i don’t have set. cause some have came out great for me and others i get this error message. please help

What media are you using and what dvd writer??

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Suggest viewing the below “New posters with ripping/burning problems” Forum posting and provide the pertinent information concerning the blank DVD Media you are using.

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it’s very possible but you haven’t told us what you’re using so we can’t tell you.

we need a lot more information from you. please see this thread: and provide all of the information requested

i have anydvd and clone2dvd and i’m having a problem getting the final to copy to blank dvd-r the clonedvd2 rips the movie first fine but when i insert a blank dvd-r to record copy i get a error >>> which says: media write error!
bad media/please replace the media and try again. this is costing me time and money in discs can anyone help me. i’ve reinstalled the program a few times and it seemed to work then but i can’t see the need to do this for a program i bought everytime. please someone reply to me on a fix for this. thanks

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I’d guess it’s something to do with the brand of discs you’re using.

What brand are they, and can you download CD-DVD Speed, put one of the discs in, and tell us the MID (under the “Disc Info” tab)?

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Hello, Dewman, and welcome. I must second what Arache said: while you correctly provided us with the programs used for decrypting and writing the files to the HD (AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 are the best), we have no idea which media you’re using (example mids: yuden000t02-00, tyg02, MCC003, MCC004), nor which versions of the programs you’re using. While a longshot, if you have old versions of AnyDVd and CloneDVD2, sometimes some bugs in those programs might cause some unrelated error. So, try the different media first, but if that doesn’t fix it, make sure you have the latest versions of said programs (CloneDVD2 is 2.8.99 and AnyDVD is IIRC), then try again.

i use memorex dvd-r

im using memorex dvd-r and my writer is a liteon dvdrw half-height shw-160p6s

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Memorex dvd-r only tells us the brand name, not who really made it. If you do not have this program yet, download it (CD-DVD Speed) from here. Install it as instructed, then put in your Memorex DVD-R in your DVD drive, then click on “Disc Info” at the top in Nero CD/DVD Speed. Look at “ID,” then tell us what the “ID” reads as, since this identifies who manufactured the media (known as MID or Media ID).

@ Arachne, sorry, but I realized after the fact :doh: my program versions really weren’t the culprit, although I hope I said “change the media first,” then try the updates. By the way, I think the Memorex (IIRC) mids might come up as some kind of CMC-MAG or RICOHJPN, albeit both are quite variable in quality as you correctly indicate, and aren’t considered the best to use.

Also, Dewman, tell us where you live (i.e., England, Europe, U.S., etc.) and we might be able to tell you which mids to avoid or where you can get quality mids from reputable retailers online and otherwise. :wink: If for example you live in the U.S., I recommend a cheaper solution for good TY at a value price (when on sale) is the Sony DVD+R 8x at Staples. If it says “Made in Japan” on the outer cover, its mid will be yuden000t02-00. I recommend Staples because I have always checked the dye sides and found them to be pristine with no visible defects, as it seems they really store their media with great care and keep in away from sunlight, temp. variations, etc–unlike some you might find from Circuit City or Best Buy. :Z If you want to go top-of-the-line and live in the U.S., try and get their tyg02, or TY DVD-R 8x. Rima is highly regarded among us CDFreaks, because I’ve yet to read of one bad thing said about it; in fact, I’ve read nothing but praise for Rima, and when you buy from there, “you never have to doubt what you’ll get, because it’s always high quality,” according to some regular buyers from there. I know it’s true, b/c I’ve seen the Disc Quality scans under Nero CD-DVD Speed after the burn, and they were always spectacular. :bigsmile:

Follow Quema34’s advice re: program versions (i.e. get the latest version of each)…but I’d say the discs you’re using are more than likely to blame.

Try some Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden discs (the TY can be found online from various retailers).

Avoid Memorex like the plague :wink: - although as mentioned above, having the MID would still be handy :wink:

Always a good idea to have the latest versions, as you stated, though :wink:

Yeah, I too am guessing that’s what those Memorexes will ID as :iagree:

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the mid disc im using is ritekf1

I’m not a fan of Ritek media…

I’d wait for someone else’s opinion of this, as some Ritek is better than others. :wink:

mid is ritekf1 does this help u to help me some? the dvd burner i have is liteon dvdrw shw160p6s

Ritek isn’t the best, so you have nothing to lose by trying some quality media.

As I said above, other people’s opinions may differ, so give people some time to see your post and respond. :slight_smile:

Quality media usually means something like Verbatim or, if you can shop online, Taiyo Yuden.

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