When cloning a hard disk to another, does ALL the material on the one drive clone exactly to the second drive, I cannot see that happening with programs that require payment, etc., What actually gets put from the main hard drive to the back-up? Always wondered?


Usually only the real data on the source will be cloned.

Your best shot is clonezilla.


Clonezilla will copy EVERYTHING on the drive to the new drive.

I use clonezilla to create clones of windows 7 64bit operating systems…

just remember that windows7 will not “See” both clone and original if they are connected to the computer at the same time (this results in something called a “signature collision”)

Clonezilla will even copy the unlettered “System reserved” 100mb partition that if often created in a windows 7 installation.

Clonezilla also natively recognizes USB/Firewire/eSATA connected drives

I have never used it outside of “beginner mode” and copying “directly from disc-to-disc”

And when it asks “do you want to copy the BOOTLDR” you say YES.