Clone & XP

when i try to burn a ccd file, at the start after 1 second when flushing memory I have the message write fail…
Anyone an idea

There is now a Microsoft ‘fix’ for burner conflict in XP. Otherwise it’s VIA 4in1 driver problems :frowning:

I have only problem with clone cd and i have the latest 4in1

Please give us some more details!!

[ul][li]Which OS are you running?
[/li][li]Which writer?
[/li][li]Which CloneCD version?
[/li][li]Other hardware?
[/li][*]Exect CloneCD error message[/ul]Else it would be almost impossible to tell what’s the problem…

My OS is XP

Lite ON 24102B

On IDE 1 Hard drive +DVD Player Pioneer
On IDE 2 Lite ON

Log: Writing session1 leadn
Flushing Buffers
Duration of operation 00.01
Writing to Liteon LTR 24102B Failed

I have clone and the firmware of the burner is 5OSF

No Problem with cdrwin & Nero

Oops you already mentioned your OS :o

Hmm it could be that CloneCD is having some probs with the onboard Roxio burning software in Windows XP. Please disable this first. Right click on your burner icon and choose properties. In the Recording tab disable the option ‘Enable CD recording for this drive’.

Also, besides the CloneCD log, is there a specific CloneCD error message?

I try to disable this option No effect
No Specific message

THX for your help

Then I think the VIA drivers are the problem. Uninstall them completely, reboot your machine, download version 3.34 Final and reinstall them. Do another reboot and test it.

I know the VIA 4.34 drivers work in XP so therefore I recommend to use this version. The latest version 3.35 has some problems.

Please report back.

Alleluia it was THE solution !
Merci beaucoup.
Sorry for my english i am french.

Originally posted by hando2
Alleluia it was THE solution !
Merci beaucoup.
Sorry for my english i am french.

No problem. I’m glad your problem is solved :smiley: That’s why we’re here…