Clone Vs DVD burner

Hi, guys,
I am thinking about buying a DVD burner. I’d like to know if Clone supports DVD burning. What version does? How does it work? I understand a Nero 5.5. is buddled with the Pioneer burner. I don’t have much confidence in Nero when it comes to 1:1 copying. Sorry if this question was presented before.

CloneDVD= not out at the moment. You can use Alcohol120% or a new program called DVd-Cloner.


Shoebedobedoo :cool:

I personally have a DVD-R/RW and i use nero to make DVDs.

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Hi iemortal,

the name of CloneCD says all: it can “clone” CDs.

regards, sven

CloneCD CAN’T “clone” a dvd…yet. Hopefully soon CloneDVD will be released :smiley:


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Hi, I am going to get the Pioneer DVD burner today. According to the ad, it can burn a perfect copy that can be played in any DVD player. That is something I have been waiting for. Thank you for all your kind replies.

You might wan’t to check our main site and look at some hardware tests before doing so, just an honest suggestion before spending your hard earned cash.

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