Clone Video and convert audio?

Is there an easy way to clone a DVD so nothing changes except the Audio? I have a DVD that is PCM audio – i want to convert it to AC3 without effecting the vid files — THX

please help

I´m sure there are several other options, but SUPER from eRightSoft should be about the easiest…it´s literally drag ´n drop…then click the “encode” and Bob´s yer uncle (maybe) :wink:

I´ve never used it for this however.
But worth a try…good luck.
BTW…just one VOB file? Or several? Maybe gonna need a bit of HD space!

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Half an hour is not enough time to attract the answer you want. Please note that this is not tech support … nobody is “on duty”. You have to wait till someone who knows about your issue spots your post and decides to help.

I never heard of converting PCM to AC/3 and don’t know if it can even be done. What you are asking is very complex. It may be that this sort of thing is done at the authoring level of the original DVD, and not easily accomplished by consumer level backup software.

PCM tracks sound fine if you run it through a good receiver/amp to be matrixed into 5.1 channels and output through your 5 speakers and subwoofer.

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very complex menu – 85 movie files – 37 menus – crazy — clone program best for that, but cant find one to convert that audio – thanks for the tip on super – dont think it would work for this though.