Clone suddenly stopped writing ?!?!

I have latest version of Clone and it has always worked perfectly for me…but today I wrote a disc to an image file and then tried to write the image back to a CD but when I selected the CCD file and then clicked ‘Next’ Clone just froze up ?

I tried doing disc to disc but same prob…thought it may be the blanks but tried some others and same problem. Also tried writing to one the same blanks using nero - no problems.

Has anyone else had similar experiences like this ? The weird thing is that I tried inserting a blank CD that I had already written something to weeks ago and CloneCD seemed to detect this disc and the profile screen appeared as if ready to proceed with the write operation ?? Weird

I have WinXP SP1 and my writer is a LiteON LTR-40125S

thanks guys

Something’s broken.

Tried uninstalling, rebooting then re-installing?