Clone settings in DVDFab. What's the best?

The installation information states, “Make perfect dual layer dvd copy by using the original layer break position.”

A fairly vague statement. Might it possibly mean:

-Common Preference (settings)
----Remove layer break

Do not select “remove layer break?”

Does anyone know for sure? My dual layer burns with “remove layer break” not selected still write more sectors and bits than the original, whereas a single layer burn matches exactly.

Any thoughts?? Looking for the best way to set up a “clone” burn.


Clone mode ignores that Setting and always uses the original break.
The only option with Clone is whether or not to copy any non-video stuff that may be on the disc.

I appreciate the help. Thanks for the reply.

One final question.

I read your “features and modes” helps which are very good, thanks again, and could you help me with the statement, “[I]It does offer the option of copying only the video only content of the original disc?[/I]”

I understand there are different data on a dvd like video, audio, and data for computers. Does the “copy dvd-video data only” setting exclude the audio data?

If you put a check in the box for video data only, DVDFab will not copy anything that is not part of the VIDEO_TS folder; i.e. no interactive games, Interactual Player or other DVD-ROM type content. It will copy the audio and subpicture and anything associated with the DVD Video title. This is confusing and I will try to make this clearer when I revise the “Features” page. I always check the box when using Clone. Most of the stuff it eliminates is junk anyway and will sometimes let a Clone of a fairly short movie fit on a DVD5 instead of a DL.

Excellent! Thanks again for all the help. Take care.