Clone secure disc

Hello all -
i have the OED v3 (dictionary) which i am trying to make a copy of as i only have one DATA disc left out of the 10 or so that we had initially. it has c-dilla (with safedisc 2/3) I believe. does anyone have any idea how I could copy this??
tks,bradley :confused:

by the way, i have tried cloneCD & 120%. they give constant errors and don’t copy. i heard that clonexl might do the trick but haven’t been able to find it :frowning:

read errors are normal for safedisc protection and should end around the 10,000+ mark and reading will speed up.
so let it run and ignore the read errors…

… and use low (4x) speed for reading and writing. this is especially important for “newer” version of safedisc…

wow - i’ll try these now. i was going at maximum burn speed - the only other question is verifying the datatype. i used A-Ray Scanner. is this accurate? bradley

yes, recent version is a-ray scanner
it’s great, knows everything… :wink:

cool - so i should be good if i use the safedisc 2/3 or do i need to check the other options - like Advanced Sector Scanning, Read Sub-Channe Data, Data Position Measurement.
one more question, do you guys know of a good freeware cd-emulator? tkx!

i assume you use alc 120?! :slight_smile:
i personally would always try the standard Safedisc-profile (NOT the 2/3-profile) first.
because IF this works with the safedisc-profile, it’s nearly a “perfect” copy, without any kind of methods trying to “fool” the copyprotection.
if it does not work, use the 2/3 profile, which uses efm-correction, which i, personally, find is a kind of weak emulation. and i just don’t like any kind of emulation… :wink:

oh - sorry, yes i am using 120%. it is now running…

depending on your reading-device this procedure might take some time because of the bad sectors… up to 4 hours for reading the media is possible. so, if you have bad luck with your drive, just let it do it’s job, don’t cancel it… :slight_smile:

i am doing this on a somewhat new laptop and haven’t had trouble with the cd-drive so i think it will be fine. i realize it will take a long time, that is okay with me. thx again. bradley

wow - already finished! i created a .iso file. i should be good, right?

You should have used alcohols native MDS file

it worked!! i used 120% with the safedisc setting and created an MDF. i then used the daemon341 emulator set to emulate the safedisc and pointed to the image and it worked great! tks for your excellent help Razor1982 & madmax. bradley :slight_smile: