Clone sd card

I have a mapping program on a SD card. the program is Nautic Path and is used in Lowrance gps. I want to make a backup copy. I copied it to my harddrive and then to a new sd card. The lowrance gps didn’t recognize the new card. It must have some sort of copy protedtion on it. Are there any clone programs avaible for memory cards like the ones used for dvd’s, or any decryption programs. Thanks

Hi bigbass, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Perhaps your SD card is protected by CPRM, in which case it’s copy protected.

See this thread: CPRM Protection

I read that other thread.

How is it that CPRM encryption cannot be broken? There are many posts about “other” protections being broken, such as in the “CD & DVD Copy Protection” subforums.
I have an SD card with Picsel Browser on it, and I want to be able to run it from my PDA’s internal hard drive without the SD card inserted.
It comes on a 515MB card, and I would also like to copy and run it off a 4GB card, but since it’s “protected” I cannot do either of these things.

Hi all, i have the same problem like bigbass, i mean i have a navigator with a protected sd card (512MB) and i want to copy that sd on a bigger sd card (2GB).
can i create a sd card image and copy on the another sd card?

i’m talking about a COS Memory