Clone & other software



can i have adaptec & clone cd on my pc with out any problems.
have anyone got loads of diffrent ones with no probs.



CloneCD works well with other software. The only thing it doesn’t like are the ALI, VIA or INTEL busmaster drivers…

An example:

I’ve installed Nero, CloneCD, CDRWin, FireBurner, BlindSuite, InCD all without any problems… although I think Easy CD Creator and InCD could give you some problems…


Just DON’T install EZCD’s DirectCD!! This is just asking for troubles! :slight_smile:


I totally agree with Wookie.

I’ve been running clonecd and ECDC 3.5 together for quite a while without any problem. I’ve recently installed ECDC 5 and Nero and everything still works fine.
But NO direct cd. I’ve had nothing but trouble with that.