Clone of Star Trek DS9:The fallen

Hi Guys!

I just got my CD-Writer, and wanted to make a copy of “The Fallen” for someone. It’s an LG, CD-R, DVD combo unit, and I used both the “CD COPIER” facility, as well as the “Make data CD” bit, to copy the file over.

I’ve now made 2 CD’s, and they both don’t work. (They install OK, but the game won’t play after double clicking on the exe icon). The CD-ROM drive spins up, but no splash screen - no nothin’. (All the files are there, on the CD, and I can play the MP3’s for example). The properties match exactly (e.g. both 728Mb big).

I’m using CD-R, 80Mb High Density CD’s.

As Im a newbie, I’d appreaciate any info/advice that you can give me.


Cd copy utility of…

Use CloneCD. If you can’y identyfy protections, use Clony XL too.

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[B]Cd copy utility of…

Use CloneCD. If you can’y identyfy protections, use Clony XL too. [/B]


This is probably very dumb - but is CloneCD, something you buy in stores, or download from somwhere. Any URLS’ would be great.

(Sorry for the sheer ignorance!).:confused:

hehehe you are a newbie
download clonecd here
and download clony here


Please do not link to files directly, give the creator some credit.
Changed the link to the official ClonyXXL website

If you are english, I recommend Clony XL, not XXL. It’s in english, and it can detect most of the same protections. You just need to know that Amplify Weak Sectors is for SD2, and that Moto Racer 3 is Tages. You can download it at
make sure it’s the English version. If your english.

OK - Thanks. (I am Scottish, and NOT English!).

I meant english as in english-speaking.

Its very important to write and read at low speed too…
I have tried it a lot, even had some success with fast read/write, but the number of “defected cd’s” is much less in slow reading/writing:) …