Clone Mobile Formats

I have a Creative Zen Vision W and noticed evey time I convert a back up to my Vison W the output file is avi. I do not see a option to change the output format to divx or xvid or wmv. What is the best format for my player? It can handle all of the above. I would assume Xvid or Divx would be a better quality than avi.

I am using clone dvd mobile and any dvd

They’re DivX files, take a look at the attachment below, I just encoded it for my Vision:W.

I dont have Gspot on my computer. I am refering to Clone DVD mobile output.
Clone DVD Mobile outputs the file in avi. Are you converting the avi. into divx with another program like gspot? and the more times you convert a file dose’nt the quality start to be effected? What I am trying to accomplish is to have Clone DVD Mobile back up my DVD into a different format than avi.

What he meant is: CloneDVD mobile creates DivX Video in an AVI file.
DivX is a video codec (=MPEG4), AVI simply is a container format (that can contain any other video type).

Ahh I see said the blind man. Thanks for the clarification.

I should have explained more clearly, I’m was very very very tired last night when I posted that :bigsmile: