Clone MASTER CD: new German software

I purchased out of curiosity, Clone MASTER Cd from Germany. I first read a review on CDRinfo and the software boasts of ease of use over Clone CD and can back up many new Safedisk V2.

So far after installing, I can’t even run the program. I have tried on 4 other computers (Windows '98, ME, XP) and can’t get it to work. It has been suggested my ATIP settings were not updated.

Is there anyone in North America that has successfully installed and able to run this program?


Out $100 bucks :frowning:

I cant recall hearing about Clone Master CD. Is it clone cd?

Try to check what Atapi version you have

Originally posted by cloakdoa
Is it clone cd?
No it’s a different software… Check this newsposting for more info.

Quoting from some of the reactions:

For all the german speaking people, read this test on PC-Welt:
For the rest, here is a short version of the test results from 23.10.2001: CD Master Clone is a bad joke (!). So, go ahead and (don’t) buy it!!!
Doesn’t sound good :frowning:

But what do you peeps mean by checking the ATIP? ATIP stands for Absolute Time In Pre-groove and is used to store info on a CD-R! Did you mean ASPI perhaps? Install a new ASPI layer (for downloads check I used ForceASPI myself. In the download there’s readme.html with a link to Adaptec’s ASPI layer checker to check if your layer is up-to-date.

I doubt it will work though since Windows 98/ME has its own ASPI which should work fine. WindowsXP does not so it might help for this OS.