If u have GTA vice city with secure rom only on INSTALL DISC its easy to copy with Clone CD.
-First make a copy of the INSTALL DISC using nero or any copier that u have,.No protection needed for this disc so just make an image file and burn it.
-Make a BWA file from the Install Disc(The original game Cd) using ur CD Player not ur CDR,Use BlindWrite’s BWA Builder for this job.
-Make an image file from ur PLAY DISC Using CLONECD with the default Game copy Profile.(x8 is a good reading speed for this job)
-Then use TWINPEAK to create a patched image from ur INSTALL DISC BWA file and ur PLAY DISC image file created by CloneCD,
-Finally burn the patched image with the default CloneCD Game profile at x8 speed and selecting IGNORE WEAK SECTORS. Don’t forget to CLOSE LAST SESSION.

Thats all Faulks i hope this is gonna work for u it worked fine to me.

Philamber already explained it in the thread titled: “Read First: Copying Unreal Tournament 2003, Hitman 2 and other securom 4.8x protected games”.

Its the same Securom type but stored on diffferent cds thats why it gets tricky to get a copy of GTA.
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I have something that I need you to clarify for me. When you say make a BWA file from your cd player and not your cdr, what exactly do you mean? Is it the difference between drives ex. cd-rw or regular cd-rom or use roxio or some other program to copy the BWA file like a music cd. I appreciate the info. Quite a feat to do what you did? Sincerely KING~KRONOS

Hello KING~KRONOS and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Read this thread and then ask your questions.