Clone DVDMobile & XP MCE 2005 & Audio



Anyone having audio issues using Clone DVD Mobile ( on a Windows XP Media Center 2005 machine (all patches and Rollups applied)? I’m having this problem and a friend as well…we both just got new Dell machines with MCE. I can encode a movie for iPod but it has absolutely no audio; prior to this on my XP Professional machine I was having issues with audio synching…the audio was there but not synching properly (I see from other posts that I’m not alone here on this). I have the latest firmware (1.1) on the iPod. The audio synch issue doesn’t happen when running the prior firmware for iPod with video, but I have the radio remote and need the newer firmware that supports that device. Right now my biggest concern is the lack of audio altogether…


Please join / read this thread and let us know your opinion and or solutions (if found):


I think I’ve found the cause of the “no audio” situation with MCE…and DVDMobile…the Sonic encoders, used by XP Media Center (there are two; an mpeg and AC3) to convert dvr-ms files to DVD video seem to conflict with something in Clone DVDMobile. If I uninstall them, the audio in Clone DVDMobile returns…but it still isn’t synched properly.


Seems I wasn’t entirely correct with my discovery. The missing audio had more to do with with specific DVDs and which program I used along with AnyDVD to backup the discs. I still often use DVD Shrink along with AnyDVD because I like the GUI, but that is where I had the problem. After reinstalling the sonic encoders into MCE (they’re needed to directly burn recorded TV to DVD Video within the MCE interface). When I used CloneDVD2 along with AnyDVD, the audio came back, still not synched very well, but it came back. I’m looking forward to the “big fix” that SlySoft James has posted about. I really like CloneDVD mobile and once this audio thing is worked out, I’ll be really happy.