Clone dvd2

I’m having trouble using clone dvd2. when I start it there is no preview window like before & there is no go button, also the words under clone dvd and write are all jumbled and blurry like something is typed over it.Ther is no registered numbers by the word registered and no about button.HELP PLEASE !!!

What version are you using and what are you backing up. Do you have your key to uninstall an reinstall or do you have a video problem-What are the specs of your computer, etc.etc. I just want to make sure you have clone dvd from slysoft .com??

hi i used clone dvd and it wont copy protected dvd’s WTF?im trying to find a replacement for DVD Shriink wich up until now has worked well. Can you help Me?

You need anydvd in combo with clonedvd from -this is to ubernoob. Slow read speeds can be from a what dvd writer you have and is the firmware updated and what are you trying to backup and the specs of your computer-hard drive space memory programs runninig in background.