Clone dvd2

just download new version of clone dvd2, error=trail vesion has expired, i want to buy the key, but with trail version expired can this be done? in the past i tryed clone dvd2 along w/other programs to see what i would like clone dvd2 won hands down. any help woul be greatly appreated, thanl you.

When you buy the program, they will email you a link to a software key. You will download and put this in your CloneDVD2 directory and click on it (as I recall – it’s been a long time). Anyway, the next time you start CloneDVD2, it sees the registration key and you are in business.

thank you, but the progran will not show any type of file.

It does not need to. When you buy it and get the software key, you copy the key to your DVDCloner2 directory and double click on it. I assume that does something to your registry. Then when you start CloneDVD2 it sees the key and will run ok. You do not register from within the program like you do with other software.

Hi Bigboard! Thanks for your suggestions, I had the same problems and my version of CloneDVD works now!