Clone DVD2 Question and Suggestion!

Hey Slysoft hope you read this as well as everyone else:

Here goes nothing! I know that normal Movie DVD’s do not have this problem, and I hope that this question has not been asked before, but if it has been I do apologize, but I like to back up my Porn DVD’s! Yeah yeah I know so I am a sex crazed male porn freak who can not get enough, but hey no one is human!

Ok sorry about my rambling, but here is the question! Is there some way you can make a revision or some kind of a modification to take out those redicilious Porn Commercials that are in Porn DVD Movies? I mean it would really help the quality to start with on Dual Laye Backups, and it would mean that the backups would be a lot nicer and commercial free. I know we can already cut once, but when you have a dvd like what I am talking about that has every so many chapters a stupid advertisement, the cut feature will not help!

Please let me know, and hope that if you can figure out some way of writing clone dvd to do this that you could! It would be greatly appreciated, and I own every single one of your products except for dvd mobile and plan on buying it sometime this year to make my collection complete!

Thank you for all of the wonderful and quick updates that you have gave us over the years with Any DVD and Clone DVD and all of your hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart!


while this issue in particular hasn’t been discussed the reasoning why clonedvd can only cut at chapter boundaries has.

you’re not looking for a transcoder at this point, you’re looking for a video editing program which is far beyond the scope of any of the copy programs. clonedvd2 does very basic editing (chapter points only) and dvd shrink allows you to cut by frams and make compilations, but each section would be a seaprate titleset if you use a Shrink compilation.

if you want a single titleset minus the commercials you’ll have to use a video editor and cut the frames yourself.

I’m slightly confused!!! Are the commercials/advertisement part of the movie?
Are they in between each chapter?

I would hate to get one to test it out, I might get addicted :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, my roommate had a porn video that was like that. I didn’t think they were that common, but basically it’s like watching TV…except with a LOT more commercials…and for stuff that’s not so TV-friendly haha.

i’m not sure of the exact structure since I never tried to back it up, but I’d be willing to bet that it’s all part of the movie.

if they are separate titllesets, however, then just uncheckeing that titleset in clonedvd2 will remove it from your final copy.

Yeah they are part of the movie not separate titlesets that is what sucks about them! So, what software should I use then any suggestions software wise? Any help would be appreciated!


DvdReMake (Pro) can cut out commercials in the middle of titleset very easily.

A         B              C         D              E

[ol][li] At VTS level, choose the block containing the commercial. In the Preview window, scroll to beginning of commercial - point B.
[/li][li] Right-click and select “Split here”. A new block is created on the right (based on default layout), containing the commercial.
[/li][li] Select this new block and scroll to the beginning of movie - point C.
[/li][li] Right-click and select “Cut to here”. The commercial is deleted.
[/li][li] Repeat steps 1-4 for deleting remaining commercials.
[/li][li] Export and test.[/ol]
[/li]Tip: It is best if point B and C is at a black frame or transition to a new scene, and start of new audio sequence, so playback can be smooth.

if you don’t care about keeping menus you can also use dvd shrink in reauthor mode and use the trim tools (note: you’ll have to add the main titleset multiple times and trim each entry around the commercials. you’ll end up with multiple titlesets, but they will play back to back)

dvd shrink isn’t the smoothest way to go about it, but it’s a free option so that’s always good, right?!