Clone dvd2 problems

I can’t seem to get clone dvd2 to stop shutting down because of an unknown error. Any thoughts?

What do you mean shutting down? Also what version of CloneDVD are using and do you have other burning programs installed besides CloneDVD??? It does give a option to shutdown on one of the final screen burns-did that get checked or unchecked?? Usually a program shutting down if that what your saying usually means a bad install or corrupted file it needs. This means you will have to uninstall the program and delete any folder associated with the program and reinstall it and register the program and try again. This will tell you if it is the program or another program causing the problem. Also what version of O/S are you using and did you make any changes before or after using or installing CloneDVD??? What kinda computer model do you have? For most problems uninstalling and reinstalling the software seems to be the cause fixes the problem but if it still occurs that usually means something else has gone wrong.