Clone dvd2 problems


I m new around here so forgive my noob-ness. I recently purchesed anydvd/clonedvd2 and am trying to “back up” dvds. However I am getting an error message that the dvd is “protected” and it advised me to find and download css decoding tools? anyone know what this means and where i may be able to find this?


You if want back up a copy protected DVD before to use AnyDVD and / or CloneDVD, you must to “decrypt” it. That means, you need to use a software to rip the disk and remove the copy protections such as CSS, regions code, etc. Go to and download their latest version. Run this software and then run AnyDVD and record the final VOBs files with CloneDVD.


AnyDVD decrypts the dvd on the fly so that CloneDVD and others can backup the disc directly. It is not necessary to use DVD Decrypter if you have AnyDVD loaded. Make sure the little red fox is running before opening CloneDVD to backup your disc.