Clone DVD2 problems,please help!

I want to make a copy of my allready copied DVD’s.I have any dvd,clone dvd2
Surely I don’t have to rip it all over again?Thought I could just pull up drive that
dvd was in and clone again,I don’t know,any thoughts?Could my roxio dvd creater copy it on one disk since it is allready compressed DVD-5 or can it read it like that since it is not protected.thanks to any one in advance

Just use Clone DVD and insert the disc in the drive, point Clone to the disc, and go. It will prompt you to insert a new disc when it is ready to burn.

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Also what version of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 do you have make sure they are both the latest version from slysoft not some knock off company using their name.

Since your backup is not protected and it is already compressed you should be able to do a copy with your roxio software or any other burning program that will allow “copy”.

Having said that, I use CloneCD for this function and find it to be the best solution for me.

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If you are attempting to make a copy of a backup copy of a DVD Movie that all ready has copy protection removed and compressed to DVD-5 just use CloneDVD(2) and select the 3rd option ‘Write Existing Data’ and CloneDVD(2) will make a copy without going through the ripping and compressing procedure all over again.


It won’t compress but it still has to read and store on the hard disc in order to burn. I think the 3rd option will only work if the files are already stored on the hard drive in the right format.

no, 3rd option still works if you point it to your 2nd drive, but i prefer to copy to HDD first

And it never writes to the hard drive at all? And here I thought on the fly was dead. Someday CloneDVD will add a text file explaining all the variations and what exactly happens.

not that i know of, it was like disc to disc, i’ll give it a try

[B]EDIT[/B]; yes, it writes straight away, thats if the film fits straight on to the disc