Clone dvd2 problem

hi everybody i start getting this error at half of every movie that a io divice or oi divice and then it tells me that i have to clean the disks i tried to clone mean girls and confessions of a teen dramaqueen and maybe if i try more the samething happens again i havent touch nothing and i update every time thank you for your help and time let me know please :confused:

sounds to me like your source disk is either dirty and or scratched. try washing it with hand soap and wipe witha cotton cloth then retry

you reall yneed to provide more relavant and coherent information than you already have.

what program are you using to remove decryption? what version?

what version of clonedvd2 are you using?

does this happen on all discs you’re trying to rip?

are the discs you’re trying to rip originals or are they backups?

exact error messages are helpful (or a screenshot of the error message)

do you get the error during the riping or burning phase?

what model/firmware is your dvd drive?

these are just a few questions ot start out…we can’t just guess at your problem unless you tell us some background info!

Bad news…films like this are unable to be cleaned!

Deanimator, unsure what you mean. Any disc can be cleaned.

Read films, not discs…lol