Clone DVD2, Nero OR Nero Recode – Best 2 burn DVD?

Which of the software is best between –
Clone dvd2,
Nero and
Nero Recode………. (All latest versions)

I intend to write Movies on DVD-5 (Uncompressed)
What you people use ?

PS: My writer is latest Sony supporting 16x and yes I am using high quality media too. I already have Nero on my machine.

How do you use Ner0 Re-code w/o compressing to DVD-5 disk? unless your flick is already on DVD-5 it’ll need compression…having said that IMGBurn is what I use to burn,but for an All in one proggy try DVDFab Platinum,simply the best for me,AFAIK… :slight_smile:

Anybody there 4sum views ?

You said you want to [B]write movies[/B] to single layer DVDs…

Do you mean you want to copy commercial movies …in which case, most will have to be compressed in order to fit
you make/edit etc your own films and want to put them on a disc …in which case it depends how you decide to encode them, and what the total data size is…


Well my movies are short… so to sum up all my movies is under 4.7Gb… so using DVD-5…

Now, which software will burn the movie as per the original,i.e, with optimal crispness…