Clone DVD2 long burn times on 1st write

Liteon 1633s

Well I have upgraded firmware to 1653s csop…DMA is enabled for both IDE channels…clone dvd2 reads in 15 minutes but the write time exceeds 55 minutes…??

P4 1.6
1gig Ram
Nothing running

Phillips 8x DVD+R media…tried verbatim 8x same thing

Why are my burn times so high??one thing though…If I write a second copy(put another blank dvd in and hit write) in clone dvd2 it only takes 12 minutes to burn but the 1st copy allways takes at least 55 minutes!

any help appreciated

That’s seems odd, that the second time using Clone it burns at 12 minutes.

Do you have any other burning programs that are running which may conflict with CloneDVD? If by chance you have any packet writing programs installed, by all means uninstall them, nothing but problems with them.
Also try disabling any AV programs you may have running.

Last suggestion for troubleshooting purposes, after CloneDVD rips the files and asks you to insert a disk, exit CloneDVD by the close button on the top right hand side of screen, DO NOT HIT CANCEL, or you wil lose the temporary files.

Then open up CloneDVD again and hit the third button on bottom, “write existing data”.
Navigate to the temporary folder where the movie is stored and click on the Video_TS folder. Also make certain that the 8X speed is checked in CloneDVD and use the 8X Verbatim media, not the Phillips.

See if that works and we’ll proceed from there in getting to the root of the problem.

Edited: I believe your problem may be with your firmware.
Since you have the Liteon 1633S the CSOP firmware converts this to the 1653S using Liggy and Dee’s firmware. Why don’t you try flashing back to the BSOS stock firmware that it the latest for the 1633S and see if that corrects the problem. You can always flash again to the CSOP.
You may have tweaked something with the Omnipatcher that is causing this slow burn.

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Ok I will try the closing clone dvd and opening back up…I flashed it to CSOP to try and solve this issue(it was doing it before also) thanks for you help…I will get back asap…by the way I dont have any other programs running.

If I create an image with clone dvd it takes 32 minutes…then I burn the image separately it only takes 8 minutes to write! but if I let Clonedvd 2 do the whole process it takes 50 minutes just to write…just dont make any sense.

Problem solved thanks to itzbinnice and his PM’s…thanks for your help itzbinnice!!

Always a good feeling when able to help somebody solve their burning problems.
Even more rewarding is when people return to the forum and know how to write the words thank you.

Easy to say thanks when someone takes the time to really try and narrow down a problem!! I now have 4 backups of The Notebook and Saw…lol but the important thing is it is fixed! by the way I can now use the Phillips 8x with no problems also!!!sorry to :a bjkg :a for the double post but I was not sure where to put it…anyway thanks for all your help itzbinnice! And for what its worth everybody there is alot more loading in windows than what :iagree: shows up in the tray!