Clone DVD2 -- Inbulit recorder OR Nero 7 ? Which is recommended


I am using latest version of clone dvd2 and would like to burn DVD movies frm my HD to Disks (DVD-5).

Now shall i use inbulit DVD recorder in clone dvd2 OR shall i use Nero 7 to burn?

Also, as i already have Nero 7 installed on my machine will it anyway conflict with the recorder of clone dvd2?

this is the clone forum, so I think the answer will be a little biased :wink:

if you already have clonedvd I’d say it’s a great choice.

another great choice for burning is ImgBurn (freeware).

nero and clonedvd should not conflict, but if you get any weird behavior the forum will be glad to try to help figure out what happened.

my main argument against nero is that I guess it has its uses, but in your case you have movies on your HD and all you want to do is burn…why use a huge bloated piece of software when a small dedicated program such as ImgBurn (or CloneDVD2) will do the trick.

I am just lukin 4the best between inbuilt and nero 7…

Also, what speed is better - 8x or 12x, i gotta 16x sony dvd writer + sony dvd-R’s…

the thing sthat have the MOST bearing on your burn quality is your drive, whether or not that drive has up to date firmware, whether or not you’re using top quality media, and your burn speed.

I burn at 8x, but 12x is perfectly fine too. sony discs that are made in japan are good. Made in taiwan are pretty average, but not terrible discs.

you don’t mention what your dvd burner is, but You’ll probably burn just fine at either speed on whatever program you choose.

I prefer not to use a huge bloated resource hog of a suite like nero when more a compact program will work just fine.


What abt Nero recode?
Is it better to burn with recode than inbuilt clonedvd software OR nero express ?

Put in all ur opinions…