Clone DVD2 consistently making coasters at 50%



I 've backed up much of my collection on the same media and hardware I am about to list. That is to say, one day everything was working fine (including the media) the next day, whatever I tried to back-up would read correctly, but stopped writing at 50% ostensibly because of “bad media”. Everyone, 50%, without exception. I have a feeling that something else is causing the problem. Anyway, see what you make of the following.

I’m running a AMD athlon 64 FX-51 processor, 1.gig of ram, MS windows XP home sp3. I have a Sony DVD rw DRU 840A external burner and a Sony DVD rw DRU 700A. I typically use the 700a for reading, and the 840a for burning. I’ve tried just using the 840a for both reading and burning and still get the same problem. Also, I’ve ran Sony’s proprietary “Disc Check” for both drives and both drives are fine (according to sony). Firmware for both drives is current, I’m pretty sure anyway.

I’m using the most current Clone DVD2 and Anydvd. To be sure, I uninstalled both (everything but the registration info) rebooted; CCleaned my registry, rebooted, and then finally reinstalled both Clonedvd2 and anydvd. The problem persists.

As far as media, I am using Phillips dvd+r DL 8xspeed.

Remember, as I said, this above listed set up (including media) has been working for months and months, not sure what has happened to stop/change this.

Anyway, see the attached logs for greater detail. Any help would be hugely appreciated, I am not sure what else to do at this point as I’ve reached the edge of my personal knowledge.

Post Script: I also have tried burning with 1clickdvdcopy pro (same problem) and Image burn (same problem). I think something evil (filter) lurks in my registry.


It’s the junk media you are using. Media can change even within the same spool and the manufacturers are also changed frequently. Use Verbatims and/ or TYs and do not burn at max speed.


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You will get the most consistent favorable results if you use Verbatim DVD+R Dl media made in Singapore.

For other Double Layer Discs I burn at the lowest speed the drive allows and have come up with some acceptable burns.