Clone DVD2 and Fun with dick and Jane

I have been using cloneDVD2 for almost 12 months without trouble to backup my favorite movies. (my kids scratch the DVDs always) This week I bought Fun with Dick and Jane and for the first time ever Clone DVD could not do the job. It copies well, the first portion of the process but when I place a blank DVD to write the movie Inmediatedly it states; Couldnt write “Source Data too large”. What does this means?. I have tried diferent blank DVDs with the same thing happening… Any Ideas??

Help aprreciated…


Have you inadvertantly checked an output size larger than DVD5 in the drop down box?
(bottom center, 1st page)

did you back up movie only or also extras thus makig size of rip greater than 4.35gb
check size of the rip
if greater than 4.35gb, it will not fit and you will get that error on burning
good news is the disks are still good, because nothing was written

Hi zaq :slight_smile:
It appears that the op has ripped his movie with CloneDVD2, probably with AD running in the background?
With this method, he could back up the entire disk, with menus and extras, to DVD5, as long as he has selected the correct media or file size in the output drop down box.
I know there can be an issue with Shrink and Recode needing to be processed twice, do to a “source data to large error”, but I don’t recall anyone having problems of this sort with CloneDVD2, no matter how much compression is required.