Clone DVD2 and Benq dw1655

I have been looking through the threads for the BENQ drives and the re-badged drives for about a week.
I finally ordered a BENQ DW1655 OEM which I plan to flash to retail.
I am not into evaluating performance with Nero or any other measures.
My main use is copying (excuse me, backing up) DVD movies.
I use anyDVD and Clone DVD.
On about 1 out of 20 discs I might get some pixelating which could be from the original, but overall, I am quite pleased.

Should I make any special adjustments with Qsuite, or just go with the defaults?

My Auto (Acura 1999) DVD player does not like anything but store bought CDs.
Is there any setting that will make my auto’s player think it is reading an original CD?