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After getting the right Clone DVD program (as opposed to the fake which I bought for large $) I made a DVD copy. It works ‘ok’ for the first part of the DVD but toward the last half it starts to break up. into pixels like and my DVD player (hooked to the TV) says the disc is dirty. It’s a brand new blank DVD. I played the original source and it played fine. Before I try and burn another more usable copy is there any one with advice?
Thanks, Neal.

I have had similar problems as well. I shut off my screensaver and other background programs and that has seem to help, but I look forward to others thoughts as well.

Excellent advice! I have cleaned the original source disc any way.
Thanks, Neal.

Originally posted by Neal
Before I try and burn another more usable copy is there any one with advice?
Thanks, Neal.

Yes: Use quality media to burn, which is recommended by the manufacturer of your burner. No Princos.

My last attempt was more successful. Cleaning the disc and closing down some programs seemed to do the trick. I think I was using quality blank discs. I tried both Maxell and Verbatim which were both on Plextor’s site. It wasn’t the medium, more pilot error.
Thanks everyone!!


“After getting the right Clone DVD program (as opposed to the fake which I bought for large $)”

Can you elaborate on this? Where is the real Clone DVD software download located? What is its actual cost? Where is the fake download site for this so I can avoid it.!

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If your here, your at the right CloneDVD site. My skills are limited so I can’t post the link properly but I am sure that some one here will be as helpful to you as they have been to me. The right/real CloneDVD works flawlessly. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!


Thanks for the info. I bought my Clone DVD software from a company at- and it was about $35 or so for the download. I am now seeing yet another DVD copying software being advertised in these forums called- Copy DVD Pro selling for about $39.00. No ratings are listed for this software. The web site is-
and they make comparisons of their features to another higher priced (about $150) software called DVD Xcopy Platinum.
Like you, I am new to this, and hope to get the easiest to use, and best DVD backup software that is currently available. With the concerns of making backups of Game Cube and DVD movies, I need something that will work for me without too much of a headacke.

Ken :smiley:

I dont know how good this Copy DVD Pro is but I would stick to a well known software like CloneDVD, DVDShrink, or DVD2One. At least a program that has a demo. I went to the Copy DVD Pro website and did not see a demo but they say they will support their product. I think a product that has a trial period has nothing to hide but you could spend the money and if it doesnt work right then try to get your money back.

Just my thoughts!!!

I bought CloneDVD (the fake) because my experience with CloneCD (the real one, on a previous computer) was effortless and easy, so I trusted the name. Unfortunately I got sucked in. It wasn’t till I saw the different skin or opening template for the program (the sheep) on this site that I realized I had made a very expensive mistake and bought the wrong one.
Buyer Beware!
I’m glad you got the right one, it is great!

Dave 88,
I just got through looking over the info on the Copy DVD Pro software web site. After a purchase is authorized, they send you an email with a key number and links for downloading ‘Copy to DVD’, ‘DVD Shrink’, and then their ‘Copy DVD Pro’ software. I guess all of three must be installed in order for a person to read/rip a DVD, decrypt, compress, and then write to a blank DVD. Will be chcking into this further.

One very important factor is that many commercially available DVD movie disks make use of two layer technology which gives a DVD about 9 gb of space vs. the blank DVDs you burn which can only hold about 4.5 gb. It may be some time until a new DVD writer will be available that can burn the two (or more?) layers, giving a DVD a lot more space.

I now see a decent price for the Sony DRU 510A DVD writer at about $130 through sources in PRICEWATCH. There is a newer DRU530A coming very soon at about $250, but I didn’t see any details yet.

DVD Shrink is freeware; anyone who includes it in a paid bundle is ripping you off