Clone DVD

This is my first post and hopefully I will be able to find my way back in case somebody answers my questions.
I have just purchased CloneDVD 2.0 and DVD X Player Pro. (Many dollars in Canadian currency.) I have had my problems to be sure. At first it would load the image and i would burn it to a disc and was unreadable (all ATI files). Also I didn’t know the default file that CloneDVD was using as a work place file. Eventually I filled my hard drive up (46gb worth) with the ‘stuff’ and still couldn’t get it to copy. Now every time I try to copy the DVD it goes through the whole process and right after it reaches 100% it get the pop up box that says “DVD image file making failed”. Major bummer eh!
Anyhow, I must be doing something wrong. I have Windows XP home edition and a Plextor PX-708A.
Any ideas or help would be appreciated and I will try to find my way back to this forum.
Thanks, Neal.

sorry to tell you, that you have bought the “wrong!” clonedvd.

the Right one is by elby, now version

all about cloneDVD at this forum is about the “The Reel ONe” not the “fake” you have bought.

Your sorry to tell me and I’m sorry to hear it. I wondered why It didn’t have the same appearance as the one here, I thought maybe it was a new look with version 2.0. Trust me it is an expensive fake.

Ok, now I am reading about the ‘real’ Clone DVD. In the manual section it says it won’t make copies of copyright DVD’s. Will it make a backup copy in combination with AnyDVD or will I just be throwing more money away?
Thanks, Neal.

anydvd was designed to work with clonedvd. :smiley:

Great, Now I see that there are different versions too. Any advice would be welcome.
Thanks again, Neal.

Thanks tumbar. I am already down several hundred Canadian dollars on this mess and I really have to check this out before I spend more. Thanks for your reply.

just go here and here and download the latest versions. Both are on a 21 day trial, so test it for yourself. You cannot go wrong with these two pieces of sortware, and from personal experience i am very happy with what they can do. They are updated on a regular basis, which makes a nice change.

hope this helps

Thanks hburrows83 !! I am on my way there. The 21 days will help me to save some more money to buy it too.
Thanks again,

Looks like the 21 day trial is for Clone cd not Cone dvd?

Hey, no problem, that’s what we’re here for…

For any tips you may need, read this very good guide. If you have any further problems please post them here

Good luck :smiley:

Originally posted by Neal
Looks like the 21 day trial is for Clone cd not Cone dvd?

It’s on trial too

I think I foound the trial version now. Thanks, Neal.

out of interest what are your system specs?

eg reader/writer etc

You got to know that as my boss calls me, I am just a “flunky truck driver”, so as far as my system specs go i’ll try.
The aforementioned Plextor for reading/writing. Pentium 4, 2.0 something, Windows XP home edition.
Anything else required?
Thanks again everyone, it looks like it is working.